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Founded in 2011, we set up our first brewing operation in the basement of a house that backed up to Keg Creek and called ourselves the Keg Creek Homebrewers. (Side note: Keg Creek acquired its name from bootleggers who rolled barrels of whiskey into the creek to hide them from liquor control agents during Prohibition.)
Like most homebrewers, we enjoyed sharing with our friends and neighbors and everyone liked our beer. We knew our beer was good, so we donated a six-pack sampler to our church for a fundraiser—it sold for $50. The next year brought in twice as much. That’s when we said, “Wow! If we can sell a six-pack for $100, we should start a brewery.”


We started with four main beers and today we offer more than 30 varieties. What began as a brewer’s club has become an ever-expanding community hub. Friends, neighbors, and out-of-town visitors can “hop off the mainstream” and enjoy prize-winning craft beer served with a big dose of small-town hospitality.
In 2016, we moved to a new 15-barrel location south of Glenwood that has allowed us to increase production dramatically. We currently distribute eight canned beer varieties in more than 100 outlets throughout the Midwest! In 2017, the Brewers Association named Keg Creek Brewing #18 among the 50 fastest-growing small and independent craft breweries in the United States.
In 2020, Keg Creek participated in the U.S. Open Beer Championship for the first time and two of our eight submissions were awarded bronze medals in their respective categories. The bronze finishers were Deviant of the Depths in the Rum Barrel-Aged Beer category and Old Marathon in the Barrel-Aged Barley Wine category.
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Keg Creek is proud to be certified lowa Green Brewery . We implement sustainable practices that couse on several areas to help reduce waste.
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Keg Creek Brewing Co is proud to be a gold level certified Iowa Green Brewery. We work to be sustainable in four key areas. Environmental Planning, Energy Efficiency, Water Quality & Conservation, and Solid Waste Diversion & Disposal.
The Brewers Association is an organization that supports more than 5,300 US brewery members. Keg Creek Brewery is proud to be an ongoing member of the association. #seektheseal and drink independent craft beer!
The Iowa Brewers Guild organizes its efforts to showcase and improve the quality of Iowa beer, promote communication among the state’s brewers, advocate for the promotion of the local brewing community, and lobby for progressive changes in Iowa laws to benefit the state’s craft brewing industry. Keg Creek Brewing Co is pleased to be an ongoing member of the Guild.